Sunday, 19 November 2017

Ńēōň Ŝīġŋ ĂɱƄȅɍ part 2

Hi minna!!!

Genki??! Hope u had a good week! Surely for the most of the followers another monday already started but well... here I'm still on time for the Sunday release! You just take this video as a cheer up for a well beginning of week! Maybe, who knows, this notification reach u when u are on ur bus/train in order to attend school or work... or maybe u are still in ur bed! Anyway... I just put this here ok?!?!
So, before the video, I shall thank you for all ur feedbacks about the new host websites! They were extremerly useful and I learnt alot about them throu u! I know about the annoying pop-ups, but believe me, it's more annoying for me to re up all done till now everytime... so just, if u still feel like watching something here, bear and enjoy! For the others, well, I'm sorry to lost people but I really had nothing more I could do to survive with Youtube! Everytime I ended to whole re ups thing, SBAM... 3 flags and all in the heaven of the lost channels! Amen for them! (>> so please no more complaing messagges about it ok?<<)
So, hope with this lil way we can be free from some worries! But maybe I made the mistake to re up the videos on these new host without converting them again, and as u made me notice some were offline due copyright?!! Sorry, I thought that since I was on another platform I didnt have to do it. but it seems I was wrong, so if u found out some missing parts, please comment on the related manga post, so I can easily manage the blog with u all!
Now.... thanks also for all ur comments for my newest baby! Even if this mangaka does not make me go all doki doki I love this manga! My favourite one among hers! And here.....well.... here we can see a very erotic kiss.... My honest opinion on this part is.... The CD made that moment truly erotic for my ears! I didnt expect it so the first time I heard the track I stopped whatever I was doing and with my open mounth for the surprise I only focused on what I was hearing... The magic of the drama cds!
I dont know if u will feel the same... but yeah this is what I did!
Enjoy now....! 
See ya next week!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Ńēōň Ŝīġŋ ĂɱƄȅɍ M+CD

From Seraphic Deviltry:

An expressionless club doorman meets a flashy boy at one of the many parties the place gathers. As someone who’s always been considered quite boring or an emotionless person, Saya-chan with his clumsy personality will make this man a more vivid one.

Mangaka : Ogeretsu Tanaka
Release Date : 05/26/2017
 Hino Satoshi (Ogata) x Nakajima Yoshiki (Saya)

P.S. Helloooo minna! Long time no see? More than one month to my last release... Agh.. it never happened since I opened the blog... Gomen, more than one reason took me at such inactivity:
⚣busy with work
⚣had some friends from England hosted here at my house for 5 days ( so I was always out)
⚣re ups
⚣⚣and lazyass, oh! I already wrote it?!?! Hihihi 
Soooooo I have alot of enthusiasm in me (very inspired!).... I need to express it the sooner I can!!!! I have my new baby (as I said already in the fb group *you can join it right now right HERE* ... Thanks alot for all involved in this project! I was pretty happy (Im containing myself!!!) when I realized a drama cd was adapted for this one.... Among Ogeretsu sensei works, this is my favourite! I truly love the story... I will spare u from describing my reaction to it ok!??! Arent I kind!?!? I AM!!!!
Now, the blog is pretty stuck again, since +Cold Blood Kissy videos got flagged again and she lost 3 channels... but here to say we already have a PLAN B and we are working on it (we will keep u informed tho!), and if this would not be enough there will be PLAN C or D or E.... just to make people know that if some hater is surfing here, just stop with this crap! We dont hurt and we dont wanna be hurt neither! This is a blog full of love between men, gay relationships!, if this may disturb you, Im sorry but this is what I like... and I should be free to do what I want in the way I want since I dont harm, kill or insult anyone! You dont need to understand it or like it, u need to respect it. So if u could take your attention in something more constructive it would be awesome!
So said I will try posting regularly! (I hope!)

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

ʜɑɴɑɪʀɵ νɪʀɢɪɴ ȿɵɪᴌ M+CD

Nagisa was asked to become the model for a new brand of product. which concepts is " The Sexual One". In order to get his body used to the ideas of the concept, Fumitaka Kuga, the person in-charge, offers to help including allowing Nagisa to stay at his apartment.... for a price. Now, Nagisa must undergo rigorous sensual training everyday and must stay nude in the apartment... all the time...

Mangaka : Minami Haruka 
Release : January 29, 2008
Cast : Toriumi Kousuke  X  Suzumura Kenichi


Wazzup! Wazzup!!

Kissy's here!!! Its been such a long time...!!! Sorry for the 'not-sharing' phase all this time.. Things got pretty hectic around me... With the constant heat n the bizz.. I got almost no time for myself if it wasnt for the fact that human needs some sleeps to keep working...  😫😫😫😫
Not to mention my net chose a very good time to be my enemies keeping me from uploading anything to share... I wonder if it was all a plan from nature to keep torturing me... 😠😠😠
Now... I can rant all I want here.... But I'm pretty sure most of you didnt want to read it... eehehhhhe
Beside... I've rant all I can to Big Boss when I can... I think I would just let her alone to suffers for it..  😁😁😁

I know that u guys miss all the fun n the smexy sounds from this blog, so... I decided to cover all the time we've rest with this NEW BABY!!! 

*Happy Halloween for those who wears a costume last night!!  ^~^
*Happy Holiday for those who celebrate for today!!  ^~^

*Ouh...n Track 3... the first upload has been taken down from YT for the usual reason... n I've just uploaded T3 just now to replace it... So... I dont know how long will it able to survive this time...
*News Flash!! 3 of my channels have been closed on YT and I for now cant access into YT with the same gmail.. But instead of creating for a new gmail to create a new channel, I dont wanna deal with anymore flag n strike... So... I'm moving to another platform slowly from now... N this baby is the first one on Openload.!

(ps: I have added a new link to G Drive for those who had problem to view this baby in Openload.. I'm still feeling heavy to used YT again... but we shall we what I'll decide later...)

So....HAVE FUN!!! 💋💋💋