Sunday, 21 May 2017

ᴙᴇᴎᴀᵻ ᴋӯᴑᴜᴛᴇᵻ ᴎᴜᴋᴇᶃᴀᴋᴇ ᴎᴀᵴҥᵻ ♥ The End ♥

Wazzup! Wazzup!

Guys!! Its time for the end of this confuse yet CUTE project.. 😄😄😄 

Ouh and let me just say... the end is really YUMMY..! 
👌👌👌 ⇒⇒⇒

Is the statement 'the heart will follow after the body' is true.? Hurm... 🙍🙍🙍
I dont think so... What I would like to think about this kind of plot is... there's no pleasure without the existence of one heart... And one heart will fall when it learns and knows love..  Just like when Masami finally realize his feeling when he learns that all those gentleness and Ryuuji's love are meant for him... 

After all... human heart will  only be attracted towards LOVE... 
🙊🙊🙊 I sound so cheesy..!!! ahahaahha..! Plez just let it slide this time... 
Ouh and... there is an extra track that comes with the CD and there is no manga for it.. Its ur luck that I found someone with a big heart that willing to help me in translating the track..!! I really wanna express my thanks to +Kayleigh Volkering  for her willingness in translating those freestyle for me.. And I truly hope that our cooperation will last for a very long time..!! Cz I didnt have any plan to stop any soon..! 😁😁😁 

Thank you so much, Kay!! And with the power given to me, I hereby present to you your certificate for joining us in creating and completing such a cute project for the blog..!!

Ps: You guys will see her quite many times too cz theres another track that she's already help me with the translating... and its a very sexy track with lots of nosebleed from mangaka....
Sshhhh...!! Kay, let it be our secret for now...!! 🙊🙊🙊 eheheheh
Ja.... enjoy the VIDSS!!! 💋💋💋

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

ᴙᴇᴎᴀᵻ ᴋӯᴑᴜᴛᴇᵻ ᴎᴜᴋᴇᶃᴀᴋᴇ ᴎᴀᵴҥᵻ Track 4

Wazzup Guys!!

TBH its already past 12am at my place here.. so I dont know if can call this post as ur Wednesday's treat as usual.... but I figured that there may still be Wednesday at some place... then maybe I can still call it as that..? 😁😁😁
I promise this new track for +Roby85m  as a way of asking her to take a lil break from doing all her REUP and having some fun... (lucky she's not home yet.... I hope.. 🙏🙏🙏 )
Well... the reason I was late was because, my 1 year old nephew that I'm currently babysitting for these past few weeks,,, is having a high fever... he needs constant cuddle with some wet cloth wipe all over his body to toned the temperature down....
(yeah... he's in my arm right now while I was typing... 👶 )
I might not be sleeping tonight... but I have urgent matter tomorrow at 8am... so... plez pray for me..?? I dont know... maybe for his goodnight sleep...? or my good morning tomorrow.,,? Or maybe for my eyes to stay open...?  😣😣😣

Anyway... I hope u enjoy the new track oh this baby tho its a confusing time for our MC to understand and sort out his feeling all over again...

Even more so when Ryuuji finally confess to Masami....
And there was Shirou that's falling in love with....
And Masami decided to call off their deal...
And realizing that Ryuuji's act all this time is honestly for him...
Everything is confusing him... so he ran away....? From what exactly..?

So... enjoy the treat!! 💋💋💋

Sunday, 14 May 2017

ᴙᴇᴎᴀᵻ ᴋӯᴑᴜᴛᴇᵻ ᴎᴜᴋᴇᶃᴀᴋᴇ ᴎᴀᵴҥᵻ Track 3

Wazzup Guys!!!

Having a nice recovery after an almost heart attack a few days ago..? 😏😏😏
Well.. who doesnt..? Never thought those flagging issue still exist nowadays... I thought its pretty clear that all those sweets around here are only for those who loves to enjoy streaming them. For those who are not... well... I can only say that everyone here only want to have some fun in our own peace, so... we would like to avoid any trouble that could cause negative feeling in sharing those vids... 🙎🙎🙎
Still... I can only say that when we love to do something... we never gave up!! Just as u know... +Roby85m  is currently doing REUP for all her treasures, so u just need a little bit of patience in waiting for all of them to be up as usual... 🙆🙆🙆

SO!! Without any moment delay, let me share with u, your Sunday treat as usual... let this piece of track heal ur heart attack when u couldnt access into the blog couple of days ago... and I truly hope that all those sweets within this one could be a very suitable medicine to it... Bcz... u do realize what would happened after the deal that those two agreed on in the track before, right..?  😉😉😉

Enjoy the treat!!! 💋💋💋

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Hi minna!

Genki desu ka? I'm ..... well.. I had better moments ahhahaha! Anyway I have lot to write today... well, I dont remember a short post by me tho... BUT.. I feel I have to explain what happened these days to me and to this blog! So sit down, relax and feel yourself at home! 
As u may have noticed the blog was out of reach for few days, it happened coz I had problems with Youtube again and as always I need to secure my accounts from possible inconvenients. But please before that I need to explain a bit! I will try to be short, dont be afraid!!! I got flagged, and due the repeat of these infragements Youtube closed my newest account (created just one year ago) and all those connected to that email (remember the old channels I had lost the possibility to log in?) everything lost! I almost lost the account I have here in blogger and that would have meant bye bye to this blog... but I could avoid that, deconnecting gmail accounts. I dont want to be to much technical, who manages blogger, youtube, gmail with a only one account knows what I'm trying to say! Who flagged me? I cant really tell, coz sadly we cant see who flags us videoamkers on Youtube, the only thing I know is that I had some insultin comments and stuff under some of my videos, in spanish. I ignored them, figuring that the person would feel bored and would have left me in peace. But soon after I received a massive flag number and BAM! Everything erased again.
I have nothing to say to this person if not 2 things:
1. I can understand, I really do, that some people can not like the stuff I create, yaoi topic is not an argument u can chat about freely if u dont like it, but I think I'm being quite respectful of other sensibility puttin all my videos in private mode. (this is the only rule I have). This way everything should be connected only from here, and if u serf here it means u should love this topic... if the contrary... well, forgive me I may be slow sometimes, but I dont understant the reason of you being here if u dont like me or what it's done here.
2. I cant really get spanish language but, I understood one thing "chica de puta" literally daughter of bitch?!!? Yeah, I think! Mmmm okkkk, I'm totally fine if someone insult me personally, I DONT GIVE A DAMN FUCK ABOUT IT, but would anyone consider to dont touch what it's important to me? Could you consider to watch/wash your mounth before talking of people u dont even know/imagine how awesome they are? My mom, in this specific case is not a perfect person, she perfect for me! Plus she gave me life... could I think to something better she could do? No of course no! Soooooo, use your brain more and your fingers less (at least use them for typing something smarter?!).
This is what happened, I think this is an evident as much as unwanted answer to those people who wondered why my videos werent flagged! Well.... SURPRISE! mine get flagged too it seems! Well... I did a grave for all the lost channels... and I will go and add a place for these 6 more I just lost!!! Let's pray together for them.... thankin them for all the juicy moments they gave us!
I will reup everythin of course! AS ALWAYS! I already started but I will take it slowly, so I will put my website online again, coz this could take me forever ahha and there is soooo much we want to do!
Ouh almost forgot! I think I replied to all questions about the blog made on facebook, thanks to +Cold Blood Kissy  for that! I like u and u know that! But I did not reply to all the emails I received, sorry guys, too much and I was lazy/focused on organiainz the reup! Lately I had some suggestions on trying to protect us more, making a blog more private, but  I will never do that for 2 kind of reasons: 
That would means invite u one by one... unthinkable! 
There is no sense in doing that only for few elects! or closed circles, u agree? No no that was not the idea that made me start all of this. I made this space to share and being free to express myself as much as my yaoi soul could do. And plus, if someone wants to really hurt you, disguiding the real identity it's very easy, it's not that I know everyone who follow me... there are people who show me their presence in few occasions, the tragic ones mostly, tsk ahahahhaha! But yeah, I refuse that! 
Not my line and style!
I ended.... wow.. I'm tired already! Thanks for your patience! Support and well wishes!  
New things into this weekend! Enjoy your stay with the small (for now) number of projects avaible!