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Sunday, 17 September 2017

ʒ-ᴘᴜᴎ Ӏɴѕτḁɴт ѝо Ƈɦɪɴɱɵᴋᴜ Track 3

Wazzup! Wazzup!

Hell!! TBH, I was supposed to share this track a little bit early than today  cz Mary from FB asked for the next track with such a cute cat that I cant ever find it in my heart to declined. BUT!!! (now come the bad news) I received 4 flags from Wednesday n some of my vids from Hitorijime Theory n Cafe Latte has been taken down from YT for "inappropriate content"......... I mean.... in Cafe Latte? There's no such thing can be seen in those cute story..! ahahhahhahha 
(really... u can't even see their "down part"  😂😂 )

I've been trying to enlarge my small emphatic part from my heart n tried to put myself in those flaggers' shoes.... tried to understand y they flag.... and.... I still cant ever understand it... cz there is nothing u can gain by flagging the vids n caused them to be taken down except there's gonna be a lack of blcd+manga in the net. Believe me... I surfed n follow every editor possible in their own blog and also others who freelance at YT... and I still dont have enough!! ahahahhahha
That is y I started editing by myself... figured maybe I could add into the manga+blcd's collection....
I think many still remember the other senior editor in this field who stopped n never be found again... well.... who knows... maybe they did still edit with their amazing skills but they just refused to share in on the net again...! 

Well.... I'm just ranting here.... as usual... sorry for u guys need to read my ranting part... ahahhaha
Sorry  to Mary too cz I take too much time in deciding my next step.... hope this track will be able to soothe u guys!! 🙏🙏🙏

We're gonna start this track with a very SEXY Aki!!! 
And then... there's gonna be a very CUTE Aki on the bench too!!!
Ouh... we're gonna peek into a very SAD past's Aki had before meeting Saku....
But then Aki is so CUTE in this track!! All those clinging he did..!!!

Alright... I'm gonna stop ranting about Aki now... Enjoy the vid!! 💋💋💋

*ps: Have a safe trip and great vacation +Roby85m !! Dont forget the present I ask from u!
(Manna n Clementine, make sure u guys take a load of her funny pics!! hihihiih)

Fujoshis real meeting

Hi minna!

Genki!??!! Long time no see huh!??! This post of mine does not share a new video BUT the news that I'm going to take a flight and meet 2 fellow fujoshis known though this wonderful blog! After chatting a lot, videocalls and all, Manna decided it was time for us to meet.... when for the first time she told me "Let's meet", I was like "Are u crazy?!" well, she was pretty serious in reality and yeah I booked a flight months ago, and the time arrived. We will meet in Paris (her city) and coincidence is that, after creating the google map (u see below in the homepage), another fujoshi Clementine noticed that she lives pretty close to Manna something like 5 minutes far by car. so yeah we will meet and stay together! Kissy is too shy and not ready to meet me yet! Im getting ready to impose myself on her home and family soon anyway.... muauauuawh (u cant escape from me anymore......). 
Well, first thing I want to say is, the not even in billions of years I would imagined to arrive so far when I opened this blog! I met precious people, supportive and caring! Without notice with some we become like a family and for "only that", I have no words to express my happiness! (the emotional me is coming out...). I came to know and appreciate people from a lot of different countries and yeah... This is just fabolous! Even so, meeting for real and being able to know and enjoy outside the net is truly an awesome adventure! Isnt just YAOI POWER something good u cant control at all !?!? ahahahh
I will stay at Manna's house for 1 week. She already told me she prepared a surprise for my arrival and Im still wondering if she will greet me with some yaoi pics at the airport or something ahahhaha! I will came back next Sunday! We will do alot of pics and videos. 
With all my excitement and passion I will see u in a week! 
See ya!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

ʒ-ᴘᴜᴎ Ӏɴѕτḁɴт ѝо Ƈɦɪɴɱɵᴋᴜ Track 2

Wazzup! Wazzup!

Damn!! Sorry for the late sharing on this beautiful Sunday for ur usual nosebleed action..! 😉 I just got really busy today with all the needed prep and now its closed to midnight that I just got a chance to lay down on my bed since this morning.... 😒 Urgh!! Let me tell u something... working for yourself for your own bizz is pretty cool stuff. The most amazing part is when u dont have to answer to anyone else, but the worst part is u have to answer to yourself. And you cant even make up a good lie to cover for u! Believe me, I tried!! 😁 

So... the clock is ticking and its almost midnight here... We're just gonna move on to the next sexy vid, alright? 😋

👈 Isnt this boy CUTE..??!!!
Well... like Aki said, its not like he's not cute now....

Enjoy the vid!!!! 💋💋💋

Sunday, 3 September 2017

ʒ-ᴘᴜᴎ Ӏɴѕτḁɴт ѝо Ƈɦɪɴɱɵᴋᴜ M+CD

From Exiled Rebels Scanlations : Toujou Aki lives with his younger-step brother, Saku who is a university student. Instead of going home to sleep tho, Saku will stay out with as many woman as possible, to the point of being a man-whore. Aki, on the other hand, has a deep hatred for women, enough to make him nauseous being around them. Aki's one secret is that he would do anything for his brother. No matter what it is. However, everything can change in an instant during the silence of three minutes. 

Mangaka : Ichinashi Kimi
Release : 21/04/2017
Scanlation Group : Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Cast : Yusuke Shirai  X  Yusuke Kobayashi


Wazzup! Wazzup!!

I am having a 3 days vacation from my bizz since Friday.  Yep! We closed the stall for a celebration here at my country, so all the fun and eating cause me to deviated a little from my released plan. 👀
This new baby and I really mean the 'new' cz it is a new manga released by the scanlation group was suggested by +Roby85m  (as usual) 😁 cz she really wants me to edit something new instead of my usual choice.. 😂😂 Well dear, just give me manga with a great plot like this baby and I assure you... I can't decline the temptation at all..!!

So, the released plan that was decided from 801 poll's result, will be continue as usual after I have complete sharing this baby here... (there are 6 tracks of them.. 😉😉 )
Anyone (mostly +Roby85m  and +Kayleigh Volkering ) who's waiting for the baby from the poll need to... etto... need to be patience...? 😏😏😏
BUT.! I know this this baby will be able to satisfy your need during the wait! I'm sure of it..!! ✌✌✌

AND!! I wanna extend my gratitude too for Exiled Scanlation Group that gave me permission to used their scanlation of this manga for my project..!! Guys!! Your works are amazing..!!

And... enough of me..!! Enjoy the vid!! 💋💋💋

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ ~ŝĩđë: ßūƫŀêř (Track 1)

Hey guys! 

I'll start posting Kashikomarimashita Destiny~side: Butler from today onwards!~ <3 

[From Hoshikuzuu Scans]: The story tells of a stubborn young master, Saionji Jirou and his loyal servant, Kudou. Because of their statuses, their love story is at the mercy of fate. Toujo Aoi is the heir to his family, but to some discord between him and his stepmother, he is forced to leave the house. And there to support him is his childhood butler, Miyauchi. After living his days being doted on and served, Ai finds his position reversed, where he has to work all day. And what has supported him throughout this lifestyle is his unrequited love for 5 years for Jirou, the heir to the Saionji family, a leading automobile maker.  

Mangaka:  Sachimo
CV: Maeno Tomoaki x Okitsu Kazuyuki
Characters (Second Pair): Kudou x Miyauchi
Release date: 26th May 2016